How do I activate Self-Healing?

To reach a state of optimum energy flow, activate deep healing, maintain the release of energy that does not serve you, to be grounded within ones physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy field it is important to implement energy conscious practices to form a high frequency energy field within and around you. In the Quantum Resource Centre you can find more information on most energy expanding subjects.

  • Activate a Deep Breathing Pattern, Breathe Into Your Unique Wave. The video below offers you support to activate a healthy breathing pattern.
    There are many Apps and YouTube video’s available to support you while you allow your breathing practice to improve. To retrain ourselves to new habits and frequencies, we have to build bridges and use crutches to lean on until you unconsciously can hold that renewed space.
  • Ground yourself as often as needed. The recording below offers you a grounding breathing technique and meditation.
    Visualize Light-Beams and/ or Roots flowing out of your feet into the Earth, connecting you deeply. The visualization will become a sensation. Connect your breath to this process for extra strength. Ground yourself as many times as needed. This process has saved me many years ago and brought me into alignment with my higher self. Within 1 week of practice it becomes more natural, your breath and physical body will automatically ask for this grounding practice to be activated when needed. The meditation below can offer support.


  • Connect with the Energy of Your Heart ~ Breathe into your Coherent Heart.
    See for more information on heart coherence and the science behind it. The video below shows beautifully how large our energy field is and how strong and healing our heart energy is for ourselves and for others.
  • Relax the Physical Body, Mind & Soul ~ Calm the Nervous System
  • Spend time in Stillness
  • Play High Frequency Music (Ex. 425Hz, 528Hz, 825Hz)
  • Use your voice to activate healing. Sing, Chant, Tone sounds through your energy field daily.
  • Activate the colors of well-being within you. We can activate our inner healing system when visualizing the chakra colors (plus copper, silver, gold, cyan, magenta, and mother of pearl), combined with our breath. Breathing these divine frequencies throughout your entire energy field on a daily basis can offer your profound improvements within your well being and health.
  • Practice Listening to Your Soul, Higher Consciousness, Divine Energy, Collective;
  • Practice having Healthy Boundaries & Being Within Your Space;
  • Move, Dance, Sing, Chant Mantra’s, Write, Paint, Play to balance Positive & Negative Ions;
  • Interactive and Mind Expanding Activity (Ex. Brain-Games);
  • Spend Conscious Time in Nature, Walk Barefoot, Soak in healthy Rivers, Lakes, Oceans;
  • Eat & Feed Wholesome Nutrition and reduce the inflammation within your physical body (Ex. Curcumin, CBD oil, Apple cider vinegar capsules and more). Please consult your Naturopath for more information on how to balance your nutrition and reduce inflammation;
  • Have regular Salt Baths, Foot Soaks to balance Positive & Negative Ions. Epson salt, Himalayan salt and even table salt works wonders;
  • Use Essential Oils: Frankincense, Mint, Lavender and others (Diffuser, Spray). Please research before using any essential oils in spaces where animals live;
  • Bring Gemstones into your space, they hold a high frequency field and offer beautiful connections with Earth and her healing energies. Personally for animals and people I love Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Hematite, Tourmaline and more.

Divine sounds

Check out the YouTube playlist for more divine songs.

  • Practice Conscious-Touch with animals:
    Please watch the video below for a couple of basic suggestions. Touch 1/2 way out-breath! Ground the Energy.
    For more information please check out
    Personalized session for you and your animal(s) are available online and in-person.

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