Our thoughts have mayor impact on our own well-being and that of people and animals around us. Our energy follows all our conscious and unconscious thoughts and intentions. The positive and negative vibrations that our thoughts carry penetrate deep into our own life-experiences and that of everyone around us.

Our Thoughts are brainwaves and they have impact on every atom. Having a calming Mantra to repeat in a slow pass, in your mind or out loud, to your beloved animal and yourself will assist you to keep a clear mind. Support your mantras with visualizations, deep breathing and heart coherence for more benefits. Mantras are energy-based sounds. Saying any word produces an actual physical vibration. Over time, if we know what the effect of that vibration is, then the word may come to have meaning associated with the effect of saying that vibration or word. This is one level of energy basis for words. Another level is intent. If the actual physical vibration is coupled with a mental intention, the vibration then contains an additional mental component which influences the result of saying it. The sound is the carrier wave and the intent is overlaid upon the wave form, just as a coloured gel influences the appearance and effect of a white light. In either instance, the word is based upon energy. Nowhere is this idea more true than for Sanskrit mantra. For although there is a general meaning which comes to be associated with mantras, the only lasting definition is the result or effect of saying the mantra. Examples of easy to remember mantra’s are:

  • All is good
  • Love & Light
  • Chanti Chanti Chanti

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