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  • Reaching a new platform of communication
  • Our breath
  • Grounding
  • Heart Coherence
  • The power of our mind
  • Quiet your mind
  • Our energy system
  • Conscious-Touch
  • Reaching goals
  • Body language
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Calling without speaking
  • Unbalanced behaviour
  • Energy push and pull
  • Yes and No
  • Handsignals
  • Mirroring
  • Attention
  • Fun mindfullness
  • Finding balance

Reaching a new platform of communication

Communication is the transmission of thoughts, feelings, commands, or a goal (with or without a purpose) to another human or animal. Another way of seeing communication, is purely as the transmission of energy from one being to another. Our brainwaves consist out of energy, the vibration of our voice and the words that we produce, as well as our emotions, body-language, and more, hold an energy vibration. To become aware of our energy is the first step to a new balanced platform of communication.
The animals who share their lives with us, often support us in very profound ways. They help us in our every day lives. Our animals listen to our loving and sad feelings, they will always cheer us up, and they are 24/7 ready for some excitement that you can offer them. You might have noticed that only with a thought of something, they will be standing next to you! Or they hide when thinking of the veterinarian or travel-carrier. Our animals tell us when our loved one is on their way home, and when there is something to be aware of! They will tell us who is a kind soul, and who to be careful with. Our animals mirror our emotions, our sense of well-being and even our health. All animals have a great intelligence, often greater than they are able to express to many of us. They can also experience small or larger blockages, consciously or unconsciously brought to them, that have been created by the unclear use of our communication tools, and by the repeatedly trespassing of their boundaries. It is important for a sustainable future to create a balanced world, with a peaceful way of living together with our domestic animals, as well as with all the animals that belong in nature. It is our responsibility to measure ourselves a calmer state of being, a coherent state of our mind and body. To be able to give the animals who share this planet with us a way to communicate back to us, as well as for us to have a clear way of communicating to them. We can all reach a communicating platform that is based on balance, without the existence of stress and frustrations.

Consciously and actively being able to address energy-shifts, gives you the keys to balance in your life. Realizing what is most important in your life, as well as what you can live without, helps us to give clarity to the directions we want our paths to go to, as well as that of the lives of our animals.

Conscious Quantum offers services, exercises, and a way of going through life that will strengthen our communication. As well as the respect and boundaries to find the keys to balance in our lives. Through the practice of the offered exercises, you will be able to step by step strengthen your intuition. You will also deepen the sensitivity of all your senses, and be able to balance your own and your animals energy better. If you are committed, you will experience great improvements within 1 month. You will start feeling the benefits of this new platform of communicating that you have been building together. Most important is that you and your animal are experiencing a lot of fun, joy and laughter in the process!!Our energy follows our brainwaves ~ It supports every intention we set ~ We receive an equal abundance of energy back ~ Resonating with the energy we’ve send out.

Our Breath – The importance of a good breathing habit

Good breathing moves oxygen through the body, to our brain, all our organs, and cells. The practice of proper deep breathing through the abdomen has always been a good way to release stress. Deep breathing helps you to ground and calms you down at the same time.

Put your left hand on your chest and your right hand on your abdomen. Breathe deeply through your nose. You will feel your lungs stretch. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds, followed by an out-breath through your mouth. Repeat this process for approximately 10 minutes. During this exercise put your focus only and entirely on your breath. Feel how your body relaxes and releases tension with every deep breath you take. Try to immediately let go of thoughts that mights flow in, and return your focus on your breath. Use a positive affirmation or mantra if desired to calm the mind. Practice this and other breathing techniques that are preferred by you, and you will experience the profound benefits of being able to calm yourself down via your own breath, at any moment in time, and in any given location. Become mindful with your breath. Learn, and experiment with variations of breathing techniques. Find what you and your body are most comfortable with, they all serve different purposes as well as benefits.

  • A quick way of calming ourselves at any moment in time is by breathing in for 4 seconds, hold! your breath for 4 seconds, and breathe out for 4 seconds. Do this while you are waiting in line, or when sensing emotions of frustration or anger coming up, or when you are trying to fall a sleep. There are many situations where you could use some instant relief and mindfulness. Give your breath a try, your lungs are always with you and waiting to be used to gain more energy!
  • Another breathing practice is to breathe for the length of 4 seconds in and for the length of 4 seconds out through a deep abdomen breathing through your nose. Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes per practice.
  • Variations are practising a breath of 5 seconds in, and for 5 seconds out. For 6 seconds in, and 6 seconds out. 6-2, 1-4, fire-breath and many more. Explore and find what works for you!

Grounding – Connecting yourself to earth

Grounding is a very important way to connect ourselves with Earth. Grounding helps us find balance, to be calm and connected, to feel and be stable, and to help us be in the moment. By consciously grounding ourselves, we can give the overflow of our energy (for example emotional shifts) off to the ground, away from our sensitive energy-system. Connect grounding to your breath for a stronger connection. We breathe, we ground ourselves, and we are ready for what lies ahead. You may start to experience the benefits of grounding within 1 week, up to a month, depending on the dedication to your practice. It might take a couple of minutes per practice at the beginning, but after a short time grounding only takes seconds. Please find a way that works for you, experiment and have fun with the process. You will easily be able to implement grounding into your daily life, feeling more balanced, stable, less drained, as well as stronger and more powerful. Examples of the practice of grounding are:

  •  Take deep breaths and visualizing roots going from the bottom of your feet into the ground. Make your roots as strong as the roots of a tree. You can grow them so deep and strong over time, that you can sense your roots touching water. Connect to your spine for a more powerful grounding sensation.
  • Another way to ground, is to take some deep breaths and visualize light-beams coming from the bottom of your feet, shining into the ground. Shine the light-beams as deep as that you are possible to visualize. Overtime they will shine brighter and further into the ground.
  • An easy way to ground, is to breathe deeply through your abdomen and sense that your feet are very heavy and connected to earth. Sensing what you feel in your own body is the most important!

Heart Coherence

Research conducted in HMI’s laboratory has confirmed the hypothesis that when an individual is in a state of heart coherence, the heart radiates a more coherent electromagnetic signal into the environment. This research further has shown that when we are in this coherent state, we are more sensitive to detecting the information in the fields radiated by others.

The energetic heart: Bioelectromagnetic interactions within and between people

Scientific Monograph by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. Of all the organs, the heart generates the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field, one that is approximately 100 times stronger than the brain’s field. The heart’s field can be detected several feet from the body with sensitive magnetometers. The heart’s magnetic field would be a plausible explanation for why we can “feel” or sense another person’s presence and emotional state independent of body language or other factors. HeartMath Institute in California also has found that there is a direct relationship between the heart-rhythm patterns and the spectral information encoded in the frequency spectra of the magnetic field radiated by the heart. Thus, we believe, information about a person’s emotional state is encoded in the heart’s magnetic field, which is communicated throughout the body and into the external environment. A growing body of evidence suggests that an energetic field is formed among individuals in groups through which communication among all the group members occurs simultaneously. In other words, there is an actual “group field” that connects all the members.

Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social and Global Health paper.

We are all connected, if you follow you breath and ask your heart, you will feel it too.

An advised practice to reach a state of heart coherence is to practice 365. That means for 3 times a day, to do 6 rounds of a deep abdomen breathing, of 5 seconds breathing in and 5 seconds out, and that for 5 minutes each time. This way your heart coherence strengthens and can stay coherent up to 4 hours after each practice. I would like to refer you to and a video on for more information about heart coherence, and the importance of it for our own and the worlds well-being.

The power of our mind

Our thoughts have mayor impact on our own well-being and that of people and animals around us. Our energy follows all our conscious and unconscious thoughts and intentions. The positive and negative vibrations that our thoughts carry penetrate deep into our own life-experiences and that of everyone around us. Keep a calm state of mind through the use of mantra’s, visualization, our breath and heart coherence. This support us in consciously sending out positive energy through the power of our mind. Please explain everything to your animal in silence or out loud. Animals are able to pick up the smallest vibrations of your thoughts, our brainwaves. When we use our thoughts consciously, we can give our animals the chance to overtime become more sensitive and able to understand you in profound ways. Let’s work together as a team, and strengthen the bonds we have with the animals we share our lives with.

Quiet your mind with a mantra

Our Thoughts are brainwaves and they have impact on everything in and around us. Having a calming Mantra to repeat in a slow pass, in your mind or out loud, to your beloved animal and yourself will assist you to keep a clear mind.Support your mantras with visualizations, deep breathing and heart coherence for more benefits. Mantras are energy-based sounds. Saying any word produces an actual physical vibration. Over time, if we know what the effect of that vibration is, then the word may come to have meaning associated with the effect of saying that vibration or word. This is one level of energy basis for words. Another level is intent. If the actual physical vibration is coupled with a mental intention, the vibration then contains an additional mental component which influences the result of saying it. The sound is the carrier wave, and the intent is overlaid upon the wave form, just as a colored gel influences the appearance and effect of a white light. In either instance, the word is based upon energy. Nowhere is this idea more true than for Sanskrit mantra. For although there is a general meaning which comes to be associated with mantras, the only lasting definition is the result or effect of saying the mantra.

Examples of easy to remember high frequency words are:

  • All is good
  • Love & Light
  • I’ve got you
  • Peace, Harmony, Balance


The importance and healing benefits of touch is often underestimated. Touch can greatly improve our well-being and our health. Practice Conscious-Touch to become mindful with your animal and to receive great benefits by spending mindful time together. Conscious-Touch goes as follows: Take full breaths, sense where your own energy level is, ground yourself if needed, calm your body and mind. Ask your animal if he or she would like to join you and find a comfortable place where you can sit together undisturbed. On a deep abdomen out-breath, slowly place your hands on the top of your animals back, in between the shoulders (around the solar plexus chakra). Place your left hand on their chest (around the heart chakra) and practice coherence together. Quantum-entanglement will happen. As you feel your body and the body of your pet calm down, you can feel your heart fill itself with love. Use the power of your breath, heart and visualizations. While breathing deeply through your abdomen. The vibration of love and appreciation will surround you and your animal. Quantum-entanglement will happen, and healing for both you and your animal can take place on this level.

  •  When touching and moving your hands, move on an out-breath.
  • When releasing your touch, always slide your hand away from the body via the extremities of the animals body (ears, legs towards feet, or tail).
  • Ground yourself and your animal as often as you feel is necessary.
  • Connect your breath to grounding for a stronger sensation.
  • Close your eyes and consciously sense what you feel in and around the area were your hands are touching your animals body? Is there any tension? Do you feel a difference in one hand or the other? When you move your hands, and breathe, do different parts of your animal sense differently? What does it tell you?
  • What do you sense in your own body and mind at this moment in time? What do you sense in your hands, your own arms, shoulders and back? Where do you carry your tension? What does your body tell you?
  • You could give the tension and the sensations you receive from yourself and your animals, a number if you would like to keep track of feelings and progress.

When this exercise is practiced regularly, you will develop a deeper level of sensitivity for your own, and your animals energy. This sensitivity will make you more capable of addressing fast energy shifts that occur during the day. Touch is a very powerful way of calming down and has profound impact on our well-being. You can become so sensitive and able to listen to your intuition, that you are capable of sensing clearly when a blockage is starting to form in your own, or your animal’s body or mind. In many cases being in time, can address the energy blockage before it turns into dis-ease of the body and mind.

  • Extend this exercise with moving your right hand slowly up to the occipital ridge of your animal, behind the ears. Feel the tension that might be present in every muscle, tendon and in his or her state of mind. Use slow circular motions, your fingertips, as well as resting the relaxed palm of your hands on the tense area. Breathe deeply, to release tension and to promote a higher level of comfort throughout the body and mind. From the occipital ridge, work your way down along both sides of the spine, towards the tail. Use circular motion and gentle massage techniques that come from your intuition. Move very slowly on deep breaths. Take a lot of time, do not force anything, and monitor what you sense.

Reaching goals through the use of visualization and sensing

Be very clear in your own thoughts, body-language and communication. What are you expecting of your animal, how do you wish them to behave, and what is it exactly what you want them to do for you? If you are not clear in your own thoughts, and intentions, or you are not able to express yourself clearly, the animals around you will not be able to understand you. Try to see through the eyes of your animal, and to explain everything in clear calm ways. Feel how it will feel like when you already have achieved your desired goal. Keep breathing deeply and ground yourself well. Visualize the desired behavior very clearly. Break your goal down in smaller steps if necessary. It is better to make slow progress, than to have set backs! Set yourself up for success. Explain everything to your animal, in a way you would explain things to yourself or a child. Always stay positive and patient, the clearness of your visualizations will be rewarded!

Body-language including facial expressions

Animals are extremely sensitive for all of the ways we communicate through. They feel, see, and observe our body-language, and movements. As well as the speed, power and the intention we make these movements with. Animals sense our finest communication, when we smile with our eyes, or even the debt of the wrinkles in our forehead when we are concerned. Animals can even become so sensitive that they will follow command by only an eye-movement. By becoming aware, and adapting the ways we express ourselves, we make our animal more capable of understanding what we mean. As well as what for behavior we would like to see from them. Through positive body-language you can give your animal amazing positive reinforcement. Use your body-language in a playful manor with a smile on your face. 🙂 When you are having fun, your animals communication will improve, and your animal will start to work with you. The result of positive body-language will be more peace, calmness, respect and boundaries in your friendship.

Positive reinforcement goes beyond giving cookies!

Give your animal positive reinforcement through the following enforcers:

  • Positive body-language
  • Positive facial expressions (a smile on your face and in your eyes, a funny expression)
  • A nice touch or little massage
  • Powerful positive thoughts about your animal, with deep breaths and a smile
  • Funny sounds
  • Exciting body movements that express play
  • Be creative, get the child in you up and feel that your animal receives your positive energy

Calling without Speaking

For this exercise it is preferred to be in a quiet space without distractions. Try to let your animal come to you without pronouncing any commands. Let him or her come out of their own free will, no yelling or forcing allowed! Use your breath to calm your body and mind, use your thoughts to visualize, use your body-language, arm and hand signals. Idea’s to be inviting are to make yourself smaller, open your arms, clap your hands gently together, or just move your fingers in an interesting way to catch their attention. Also use friendly facial expressions, and be inviting. If you do not receive a reaction, try to implement short, maybe even funny sounds that trigger curiosity and excitement. Be interesting and stay in a positive mood! Keep breathing very calmly, ground yourself, and visualize the behavior of your animal coming to you. As well as visualize the outcome of you both being very happy and excited after you are reunited. Be the person you would want to run to as well. 🙂 When your animal comes to you, praise your animal immediately through positive reinforcement as earlier discussed. Turn this exercise into a game to make it more fun. Use your own imagination and intuition. Tap into the child inside of yourself and feel the joy you create between you both.

This exercise will strengthen the sensitivity in the bond you have with your animal companion. By communicating through the energy of your body, you communicate on the same level as all animals and plants in nature do with each other. This will result in mutual respect, more eye-contact, a clearer communication, and less frustration. Create a balanced platform together for a stable friendship.

Unbalanced behavior

The most important thing I can say about unwanted, undesired, and unpleasant behaviors is to ignore them! Re-direct the energy! The enforcing side of ignoring is the lack of energy and positive reinforcement you are giving. When negative behavior is ignored, no energy is being put into that behavior to enforce it. Unwanted behavior should not be fed with emotions of anger and frustration. When you give a huge amount of positive reinforcement through all different ways, your animal keep showing the desired that trigger the positive enforcer. Your animal will deeply dislike it when he or she is being ignored or left out for a short time. They will understand very quickly that if they want your attention (and they want to receive positive reinforcement/ wanted behavior from you) it will mean they also have to show you desired behavior. Balance and respect comes from both ways. As well as having boundaries for both. Through the conscious use of positive reinforcement, you will not need any punishment. By being able to recognize, redirect and prevent unbalanced behaviors you will be able to guide your friendship to a better place. The behaviors you pay attention and give energy to, are the behaviors that will be repeated.

Exercise – Energy push and pull

This exercise is meant to be practiced in a larger area. Be careful to only go as far as both your boundaries can comfortably handle. Ground yourself if needed, take deep breaths, check your own energy and emotions. Gently make eye-contact with your animal, set your mind in a playful mood. With fun facial expressions and sounds, push your animal gently away on their shoulder or side, and step back to invite. When stepping back, invite your animal in the same way as you would do during the exercise “calling without speaking”. Try turning the push and pull technique into a game. Repeat a fun push and pull interaction for a couple of times, stop before your animal would have walked off by his or her own choice. Use it in many occasions to let your animal come with you out of their own “free” will. The push and pull technique is also useful to change the animals mind when they are focused on something they should not be, and to re-direct their attention back to you. This technique can make you and your animal more sensitive to each others touch as well. When reaching a high level of sensitivity in the hands, this technique can be used in a friendly way to desensitize from previous stressful experiences, such as grooming and nail-clipping. Please contact me if you hold questions about desensitizing in a calm way.

Exercise – Yes and No through respect and eye-contact

When you have your animals attention, show them a treat that they really enjoy. Put the treat in the palm of your hand, your animal is not allowed to take the treat yet! Create approximately 30cm to 1 meter of space around you. Do this with the use of your breath, your thoughts, grounding yourself and through your body-language. Visualize the behavior you wish to see! When you feel the energy of your animal has calmed down, you can slowly open your hand further to show the treat. Be careful to sense how far and how fast you can go with this exercise! Move slowly or even in slow-motion, while you are getting sensitive to the boundaries. Repeat the showing of the treat until your animal respectfully understands he or she is not getting the treat, unless they are calm and patient. You may ask them to sit or lay down to make them wait more patiently. Over-exaggerate all your movements, facial expressions and boundaries. Overtime you can extend how far and how fast you can go. Positively reinforce your animal at all times when being patient. Use you voice as well to create more fun and excitement with your animal. With practice you will be able to place the treat on the floor, while your animal is waiting for your consent! Overtime you can minimize the hand-signals and body-language you give. You can reach a sensitivity-level of saying yes and no with only eye-movements, and with the power of your mind. This exercise will make the respect and boundaries you hold with your animal stronger. Using yes and no is also helpful when asking for patients when feeding your animal, sitting and waiting, opening doors, when visitors enter or leave, grooming, waiting at the curve before crossing the road, and in many more situations. Your animal will patiently wait for his or her turn, and look for eye-contact to confirm their behavior.

Exercise – Hand-signals

Connect a series of hand-signals to a purpose. Combine your hand-signals with the use of body-language and facial expressions to give them more expression at first. Break more complex hand-signals into smaller easier to learn steps, and build it up slowly. When your animal shows the behavior you want to see for that particular hand-signal, reinforce your animal immediately! Reinforce by touch, facial expression, body-language, joy, sounds, and more that will bring a smile on both your faces. Be impressed by the rate that your animal will learn, if you use more touch and hand-signals. Experience how much fun it is to figure something out together as a team. Have patience, be loving, breathe, and visualize what you wish to see. Never forget to have fun in the process, learning is growing!

Exercise – Mirroring

Ground yourself well and breathe deeply through your abdomen. Look at your animal, tune into their energy level. How do they express themselves, how is their body-language, and facial expression? Do you feel what they desire? Breathe deeply, and mirror your animals energy level for a couple of minutes. By breathing deeply through your abdomen, you will be able to slowly start changing your own energy level. The deeper and calmer breaths you take, the more peaceful your energy will be. To raise the energy of your animal, you can raise your own vibration by moving, singing, dancing, or in any other way. Monitor how your animals energy level reacts when you change yours. Try to bring his or her energy level up for a couple of minutes, and down again through lowering your own energy via a calm breath and grounding. When this exercise it practiced well, you will be able to change the energy level of your animal in any situation towards a more acceptable state of being.

Exercise – Attention

To not always have to be giving edible treats to our animals we make it a lot of fun to be with us! We can practice the length of the attention span that they can hold in a positive way. The good energy will be the reason our animal wants to spend time with us. Your animal will help you go through the day smoothly. With practicing attention, you make your animal more sensitive for your energies. It makes them monitor our body-language and behavior better. An animal that pays good attention, to someone that is interesting to them, creates good anticipation for what might be coming in the near future, as well as patients within them. An example on how to practice to keep the attention from your animals is the yes and no exercise as previously explained. Another example is to walk zigzag, and to change directions unexpectedly when walking with your animal. At first make a little sounds just before you turn, to get his or her attention. When you are further practiced and you like a challenge you can even practice changing direction while running. With this exercise you will practice attention, concentration, boundaries, body-language and communicating without speaking. Hide and seek is another fun mindful way to create a friendship where your animal pays good attention to your movements, while having a great time in the process.

Fun mindfulness with your companion animal

To improve your own well-being as well as that of our animals, it is always recommended to spend a lot of time being mindful. Being mindful means to be present, to be in the moment, in the now. Yesterday already happened, tomorrow still has to happen, the only thing you really have is this present moment in time. You can own this moment by practicing states of complete mindfulness. Negative energy that you have put in events in the past have no use for you in this present moment. Worries about possible event that lie in the future have no use for you either in this present moment. Positive energy that you have put into moments in the past stay with you stronger, they can still lift you up, they will raise your vibration. The mind and body can feed itself, regain energy, even reboot from moments spend in complete mindfulness. Heart coherence, manifestation, joy and much more all lie in the present moment! The more time spend in mindfulness, the richer your heart will vibrate and the more powerful your mind will become. Here are some idea’s for mindfulness with your companion animal:

  • Spending time together in nature
  • Conscious-Touch practiced as a fun meditation together
  • Hide and seek
  • Brain-training games for animals, such as puzzles that can rise in the degree of difficulty
  • Consciously walking different figures like circles, squares, figure 8, etc
  • Singing (toning), dancing, walking, running together. Or any other activity that grounds you and brings you both into the present moment
  • Target-training, clicker-training, and more
  • Practice states of love, compassion, appreciation, coherence, calmness and peace

Finding balance by going back to Nature

It is important if you want to restore balance in your own and your animals life to take a look at how far we are of we feel connected or disconnected from nature. Nature is always a good grounding point, and guide. Visualize how your animal would have been living if he or she would have lived in Nature. Can you find any room for improvement from his or her life right now? Take a look through your animals life and see how you can bring him or her a little closer to natural living circumstances, while remaining comfortable.

  • Nutrition
  • Living circumstances and habitat
  • Behavior
  • Activity
  • Social game

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